Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Onesie Cupcake Tutorial

My sweet friend Carrie is having a baby next month and Olivia Claire and I will be attending her baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I have seen these super cute baby cupcake onesies on Etsy and wanted to attempt this myself. I think it turned out really cute and decided to make a tutorial for anyone else that's interested in making a fun and unique shower gift.

Here's what you need:
several pieces of baby clothing (I chose a Carter's gift set with one onesie, one sleeper and a pair of footed pants)
a small cupcake box
cupcake liners
small clear rubber bands
safety pins
red pom poms
filler confetti
ribbon and box decorations

1) Fold in the sleeves of the onesie

2) Fold the onesie in half

3) Fold in half one more time. This will leave you with a small, thin strip of fabric

4) Roll jelly-roll style into a tight bun

5) Secure around the roll with a small rubber band

6) Use your fingers to poke out the top a little to look like the top of a cupcake

7) Stick a safety pin through a red pom pom and poke the pin into the top of the "icing"

8) Place each of your "cupcakes" in a liner, arraign in box and decorate

9) Give you super cute gift to a lucky new momma!

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