Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rubber Ducky Punch and Cupcakes

This weekend, the ladies in my Mom's group threw a baby shower for our sweet friend Robin. She is expecting baby Hadley Marie in early June and we are so excited to welcome another little girl into our playgroup. Our friend Lily hosted the shower at her house and did a great job planning some fun games. I love baby showers (and bridal showers, birthday parties and basically anytime I can decorate, bake and have fun with girlfriends!) and offered to make the punch and cupcakes. I saw this punch recipe on Tidy Mom's Blog and I couldn't wait for a baby shower to try it out. It turned out perfectly and was really yummy. How cute is this rubber ducky punch? Here's the recipe: 1 packet of blue Kool-Aid 1 cup of sugar 1 bottle of White Grape Juice - chilled overnight 1 bottle of Ginger Ale - chilled overnight 1/2 gallon of pineapple sherbet pre-washed rubber duckies In a large bowl, combine the kool-aid, sugar and white grape juice. Mix well. Slowly add the ginger ale. When ready to serve, scoop the sherbert into the bowl and mix a little so the punch begins to fizz. Add the duckies and enjoy!

I called a few places to purchase some cupcakes, but no one could make exactly what I was looking for. So . . . I decided to make them myself! I have never made cupcakes (much less frosted and decorated cupcakes) but I thought I would give it a try. I used Paula Deen's cake and buttercream frosting recipe.

The "bubbles" are little sugar pearls I found in the cake decorating section of Michael's and I found the duckie cupcake picks at a fantastic little shop here in Portland called the Decorette Shop. It has everything you could ever imagine for baking cakes, cupcakes and candy. Olivia wore her little apron and helped with the mixing and the frosting. She loves to "herlp" and pulls her chair over whenever I'm baking. What do you think?

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  1. I think this is perfect... no, this is much more then perfect :D great!